, joins forces with A Jewel Made in Greece (AJMIG), and supports the leading Greek jewelry designers, combining its vision with that of Ms Samolis, inspirer and creator of the AJMIG platform, where contemporary Greek designers and jewelry producers participate.

The presentation of the creations of 75 Greek designers organized by AJMIG took place at the “Sixth Meeting of Creators of Modern Greek Jewelry” entitled “Transformations” and took place on 15-18 February at the Zappeion Megaron. During the exhibition, the audience was able to admire the stunning jewelry from the Precious Eternities, Solid Metals and Material Worlds, collections. will highlight the most popular artists of the exhibition that will come out of a special poll and will be promoted through its communication channels.

The voting procedure is carried out on two levels, with a ballot that was placed during the exhibition but also electronically ( by the end of March, where the public and the designers themselves will be able to distinguish the leading creators by section. The selected designers will then be presented at a special event organized by and AJMIG on May, with a parallel exhibition of their collections as well as the AJMIG AWARDS 2019 award for the most popular artist in each section.

In the context of the cooperation between and AJMIG, the President of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, Ms. Gina Mamidakis said: “For us at the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation the promotion, protection and development of our country’s culture is a primary goal. The support of the arts and culture is a tradition that began in 1988 in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, when we organized an original Art Symposium with the participation of internationally renowned Greek and foreign artists, guided by the idea that tourism should be a holistic and cultural experience . The Foundation participates in this year’s AJMIG as a supporter through, one of our most advanced initiative aimed at promoting gifted Greek artists by giving them the opportunity to present our country’s innovation. The common meeting point and source of inspiration for and AJMIG is the desire to showcase domestic talent both inside and outside the borders. ”

The thematic presentation of the “market” of contemporary Greek jewelry by completes another important form of expression of the Greek talent in its artistic and business dimensions.