An interview with photographer Lukas Vasilikos about the challenges of street photography, his personal work and interests, and the crisis in Greece, was given to our community partner

Lukas Vasilikos is a prolific and versatile photographer whose almost obsessive dedication to the medium has helped him create an impressive body of work. He started photography in 2006 and soon became an active figure in the burgeoning online street photography scene, winning various awards along the way.

Beside his improvised street photographs, Lukas also works on more personal projects exploring intimate family life, angst and loss. In 2014 his work was published in the new Gomma books influential album ‘Suture’, showcasing some of the top contemporary photographers. Lukas is a member of the “Depression Era” team of artists and writers that record the Greek crisis.

He is also a member of the international collective “street-photographers” and the “Photography Circle”.

Read his interview here.

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