In the so-called window shopping, “screen shopping” has been added and now it ‘s time for “mobile screen shopping”.

With the rise of m-commerce sales, the online business can be considered to be winning the sales battle in the most penetrating, easy and fast shopping.

Businesses – worldwide – now realize the profitability behind e-commerce innovation. Now, they are called to invest properly in mobile commerce, since it is developing worldwide, but also in Greece, at three times the rate compared to standard e-commerce.

Mobile commerce requires adaptability to new conditions and trends. Adaptive technology combined with an effective mobile marketing strategy is one way to maximize the profits of an e-shop. It is directly related to how user-friendly, special and memorable is the experience of the innovative technique for the user himself. User Experience has a leading role here as well.

In 2018 there was a large increase in online shoppers on the internet “on the go” which reached 60%, from 39% in 2017. m-commerce is expected to be a major shopping channel radically changing consumer shopping habits, in less than 5 years, drastically limiting the share of all other devices, portable or not.

The contribution of the popular social media was crucial, presenting to the consumer the purchase prompt button, the “buy button”, making it easier for users to make purchases, without having to leave the “digital place” in which they were.

In addition, biometric authentication technologies, through retina scans, face ID, or fingerprints, etc., enhance the sense of security that m-commerce offers.

The one-click checkout facilitates screen shopping “on the go” as it allows the completion of an order with one click, literally.

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