The Hellenic Marketing Academy rewards production and promotes Greece by establishing the “Made in Greece” awards.

This institution is part of the ongoing effort to empower and disseminate a new development model of innovation and extroversion that responds to the contemporary challenges of manufacturing and marketing products based on quality, innovation, diversification, targeted markets, and strong brand names.

The purpose of this institution is to promote and reward companies and organizations that achieve excellent performance in the creation and distribution of products with significant added value for the Greek economy.

The awards are addressed to all businesses and organizations operating in Greece for which the quality, innovation, extraversion and strength of their brands are paramount to their growth and prosperity.

This year’s awards are as follows:

  • Business Excellence Award
  • Rural Excellence Award
  • Industrial Excellence Award
  • Newcomer Entrepreneurship Award
  • Consumer Product Export Excellence Award
  • Industrial Product Export Excellence Award
  • Export Excellence Award – Small and Medium Business
  • Brand Consumer Product Award
  • Branded Product Award
  • Innovative Consumer Product Award
  • Award for Innovative Industrial Product
  • Innovative Product Award – Small and Medium Business

Interested companies and organizations may submit their application only electronically through the website with a deadline of 31 October 2019.