FLUX LABORATORY is an experimental cultural space based in Switzerland dedicated to performing arts promotion.

This new coming year, FLUX LABORATORY collaborates with metamatic:taf, a cultural platform located in the center of Athens. Through the exhibition of projects drawn from their archives (composed of creations of more than 400 invited artists), FLUX LABORATORY aims to introduce itself to the Athenian public in order to share more than a decade of experience and knowhow in cultural projects inception and production.

This exhibition questions the importance of social and human values within a society, which predominantly acts by means of economic values. How can these values be reintroduced within our lives and particularly how can we give more meaning to our daily work where those seem to have been discarded.

For this exhibition, FLUX LABORATORY wanted to produce a short film to specifically tackle these issues and thus collaborated with Filmmaker Daphné Bengoa. She chooses to oppose to a pessimistic vision of contemporary Greece with an enthusiastic testimony of the new generation’s dynamism of passionate men and women striving to develop their activities.


Related directly or indirectly to her Greek and Basque origins, Daphne Bengoa’s photographic and filmic work is aiming to question cultural identities transformations – traditions, know-how and creation processes – as crises, geographic mobility and multiculturalism are slowly becoming the definition of the contemporary man. Make Today to Build Tomorrow is her first artistic collaboration with the Flux Laboratory.

Opening-Talk: Thursday 14.01.2016, 19.00

Admission free

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