In May and June 2019, Collage CONNECT PEOPLE needs printed photographic material to carry out the MAKE YOUR OWN COLLAGE project. For this reason, it will place the Re-magazine boxes in various busy places of Mytilene with the slogan: Do not destroy them, help us to do art.

Initially, the project for these two months is aimed at young people aged 6-18 who will be divided into age groups. With the photographic material that you will help us to collect, these teams will sort the images with the guidance and support of the Collage CONNECT PEOPLE team and try to create collage compositions.

The material that you will offer is going to travel, change hands and become the cause for some people to be inspired and create.

This year’s projects are integrated actions that include seminars on the technique of hand-made collage, with theoretical training initially and then with workshops for the correct use and placement of images. At the same time, the application of the Gestalt theory * (Philosophy of the Integrated Form) will be depicted.

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