With the main objectives of engaging young people with classical and contemporary dance and the emergence of Greek dancers internationally, top dancers and choreographers from Greece and Cyprus will compete at the National Dance Championship, which will be held on March 3 at the Athens College. The jury consists of well-established judges from Greece and abroad. Competitors will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships for international competitions. At the same time, with the championship, in the foyer of the theater, there will be a photo exhibition titled “Human Movement in the Dance”.

The jury will include, among others, Yvonne Strauss, President of the French Dance Confederation, Valentin Bartes, organizer of competitions in Europe and America, as well as the award-winning Greek choreographer Ioanna Stratis and Ovidiou Dragonman, Director of the Theater at Sibiu Ballet Theater.

Contestants will have the opportunity to take part in the categories: ballet, neoclassical, modern and modern. The dancers have the opportunity to participate as a solist, part of the PasDeDeux / Duet or Ensemble. This is an organization for ages over 8 years.

Throughout the course of the event, there will be a photo exhibition in the theater foyer, which will present the “Human Movement at the Dance”. The exhibition will be attended by recognized photographers specializing in dancing photography and aiming to highlight the quality and range of movement that dancers can achieve. The photographers who will participate are Spyros Papadatos and Spyros Hatziaggelakis.

LoveGreece.com supports the National Dance Championship as a communication sponsor.

More information can be found at www.NationalsDance.gr