A phrase that contains the unique experience called Greek Summer. A “state of happiness” that makes you think, wish, wait and finally enjoy the unique feeling of the Greek Summer.

Everyone’s desire to live a little of the Greek Summer, can be fulfilled whenever they want, because the Greek Summer will always be here! The Endless Greek Summer has a double meaning as on the one hand it aims at the establishment of the concept of the “eternal Greek summer” and on the other hand it builds the meaning of the duration of the feeling that the Greek Summer gives and the extension of the season.

The start of this season was on July 1, 2020 with the opening of the country’s air connections, and the Endless Greek Summer campaign supporting the resumption of Greek tourism by creating new content that is free to use in all Greek tourism businesses.

In particular, in order to communicate with the public, the content that has been created includes videos that encourage domestic tourism, which focuses on the feelings of the Greek summer and not on destinations, while highlighting the importance of staying safe, and a photo gallery of specific destinations, which will be constantly enriched. You can watch the videos here and here, and see the photos here.