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An Ambassador does not simply represent a cause, he embodies the cause

With a vision of winning the support of international observers while remaining faithful to our values, we have appointed charismatic Ambassadors to help spread the message of to Greece and abroad.

Lydia Venieri

If she wasn’t an artist, Lydia Venieri could have been a philosopher or a poet. In fact, she has a unique way of combining all these attributes, knowing no boundaries whether she speaks or creates works of art. “What does Greece mean today to an… LEARN MORE

Pedro Olalla

Pedro Olalla has an excellent command of the Greek language. In fact, his vocabulary is much richer than that of the average Greek, as is his knowledge of the Greek history and culture. It’s already been three decades since he first got interested in the… LEARN MORE

Poka Yio

Poka Yio is an artist and a performer who through his art aims to express today. His wish is for the paintings he makes and the perfromances that he creates to reflect the year that they were brought to life, thus living a historical heritage.… LEARN MORE