The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing, under the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany, a business mission on “Modern technologies in the maritime industry of Greece and Germany”.

The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has chosen, for the purposes of this action, to conclude a strategic partnership with the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEP) as the wider Piraeus region holds a key position in the Greek shipping sector and the Greek shipping sector among its primary goals. This cooperation is a guarantee of the level and targeting of the industry contacts that will be involved in the event.

The multi-day visit of German business and shipping experts to Piraeus (25 – 27 September 2019) includes a Meeting on 26 September. The following day, September 27, site visits will be organized in the Piraeus region.

During the workshop, German companies will present their products and services. Specialized Greek and German rapporteurs will also present the institutional framework, the possibilities for implementation and the prospects for the use of new technologies in Greece. The event will bring together representatives of the maritime economy, local government and politics. From the Greek side, representatives of the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy will be invited as well as senior officials of the relevant liaison offices.

Greece is one of the strongest and most important maritime states in the world and its commercial shipping, along with tourism, are the pillars of the national economy. The average age of the Greek-owned fleet in 2009 was 11.9 years, which is one year less than the average age of the global fleet. The dramatic decline in the median age of the Greek-owned fleet, as it was 20.3 years ago nine years ago, is due to the large investment of Greek shipowners in new high-quality vessels and testify to the large potential of the industry.

The Hellenic-German Chamber aims primarily to act as a communication bridge between the Greek and German markets and business missions provide an excellent communication platform, enhancing bilateral cooperation. As the official representative of the Hamburg Exhibition Organization, with reports such as SMM – Leader in the Maritime Industry – the Hellenic-German Chamber has extensive knowledge of the industry in Greece, as well as in Germany, and is organizing these actions.