The NBG Business Seeds program, which celebrates its 9th birthday this year, aims to strengthen the emergence of the new generation as a trendsetter.

NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program that supports innovative and outward-looking entrepreneurship. It includes actions to highlight and promote innovative ideas and projects, educating and guiding teams, providing infrastructure, networking and funding.

Within the framework of the Program, the “Innovation and Technology” Competition is also being conducted, giving the young generation the opportunity to open its wings to the global business reality. To date, the Competition has featured 80 winning winners with 392,000 euros.

At the same time, NBG Business Seeds has been offering funding for the last 4 years to 19 companies with 5.7 million euros.

NBG Business Seeds will continue as vigorously this year, giving emphasis in investing in innovation and supporting the country’s competitiveness in the future, at a time when technology accelerates international developments.

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