Do you believe in the professional development of women and the value of supporting as many female students, unemployed, young entrepreneurs as possible?

If so, you can help empower even more women who are disproportionately affected by the effects of the pandemic at the end of this difficult year.

“Women On Top” launched the first crowdfunding campaign entitled “Women On Top: Building a new tool for women’s empowerment” with the aim of building a modern, easy-to-use digital mentoring platform to maximize the impact of this action on this field.

And for this purpose, they need our help, as the necessity of the beneficiaries for mentoring becomes more and more intense and frequent. So in order for Women On Top to continue to support more and more women to become what they want to be, a stronger foundation is needed.

You can help by contributing to the campaign individually, for a small or large amount, or corporate, with a sponsorship package, which will help build a modern, easy-to-use digital platform that will make finding the right mentor easier, faster and more efficient, will improve the skills of volunteers and make mentoring more accessible to even more women. Depending on the amount of contribution, the corresponding reciprocal benefits are offered.

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