Auvril is a company that has a vision offering to every person the opportunity for quality and comprehensive education through its innovative products and services.

The basic idea is that every human being is unique. This is exactly how his learning process should be. The goal of the people of Auvril, is to turn the various means that each person uses in their daily life for information and entertainment, into useful educational tools.

It all started with the Audiobooks. According to Alexis Tzambris, CEO of Auvril: “At some point I realized that if I wanted to evolve, I had to start reading more books. This seemed impossible to me, since I never found the necessary time to sit at home, take a book in my hands and open it to read it. There, I learned about the alternative of listening to it. I found it very useful and so I said try it. Suddenly, since I did not read a single book a year, I could hear it and complete it in a week. “My enthusiasm for the amount of knowledge I could gain led me to want to start offering this option to another world that, like me, was facing the same challenge.”

Audiobooks are an effective and innovative way to enhance the learning process. They help people with learning disabilities to overcome the obstacles they face in traditional book reading.

Auvril Audiobooks started with textbooks, but the Auvril team, believing in lifelong learning and human evolution, decided to expand into the production of audio books that help our self-improvement.