Onassis Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of the scholarship evaluation and approval process for the academic year 2016-2017, providing a total of 215 scholarships to Greek and foreign students and scientists to study and research -in Greece and abroad- in a wide range of scientific and artistic disciplines.

Consistent to its influential role in the field of educational scholarships since 1978, Onassis Foundation assist those who excelled this year in order to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

More specifically, for the academic year 2016-2017, the Board Onassis Foundation approved:

  • 103 scholarships to Greeks for studies abroad in 14 countries worldwide
  • 82 scholarships to Greeks for studies in Greece
  • 20 scholarships to foreign University Professors of all levels and Postdoctoral Researchers, who, in their fellowship in our country, will offer their expertise in the Greek academic community through scientific seminars
  • 10 scholarships for foreign PhD candidates, for research in our country on issues related to the Greek culture and our society.

With this year’s awards, more than 6,700 students and scientists were able to contribute to their science, to create their art, to contribute to society and to prepare for a brilliant career, with the support of the Foundation.

For 41 years, the Onassis Foundation has Education and Culture as its solid pillars of action – just like Health and Social Solidarity – fulfilling its vision of liberation of the positive forces of our society. Onassis Foundation  tries to shape a better future for our Greek pupils, students and scientific potential of the country.

Source epixeiro.gr.