At the beginning of 2020, if someone claimed that in mid-2021 we would be talking about “free shipping for all yearly orders” or “sending inks to your home before you run out of something”, they would probably thought he was crazy. This is not because these services are not very useful and practical, but because the Greeks have not shown – until now – a special willingness to use subscription services.

However, a lot has changed due to the two lockdowns and changes in the work model, where the home is now an office but also in our consumer habits, where e-commerce is now part of our daily lives. And during the two lockdowns we saw our needs differ. As a result, HP first launches the Instant Ink service where with a monthly subscription the ink comes to your home before you finish what you use and the cost is estimated to be reduced by 50% – 60%.

Second, we learn that Skroutz is testing a new service called Skroutz Plus. This is a subscription service that will enable those who place their orders through the Skroutz platform to have free shipping. The cost of the service, according to information, is at 17 euros per year, without excluding, of course, to change when this service will be commercially available to the general public, probably in the coming months. The interesting thing is that it covers the whole territory, while, based on the data so far, there are two restrictions: each order must have a total value of at least 20 euros and the weight does not exceed 20 kg.

The service is interesting because it answers one of the biggest issues of e-commerce, which is the additional cost of shipping, to which various online stores try to answer in different ways. We have already seen new services related to same-day delivery, or the utilization of public vehicles, in order to meet the needs. And we will see many more innovations.

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