On Sunday, June 9, on the occasion of 30 years of the Tselepos Winery, they organize a photo lesson with a tour of the vineyard and the winery.

It is aimed at any amateur who wants to improve his technique. For anyone who loves good wine and wants to tour his world and enjoy it. No prior knowledge is required.

Basic Photo Principles:

  • How to use your camera
  • White balance: how to get the colors in your photos correctly
  • ISO: how to set your camera in different lighting conditions
  • Focus: how to focus properly
  • Composition: how to choose the right frame and composition
  • Depth of field: how the background of your photos is more or less distinct
  • Exposure control: how to record brighter or darker images
  • Triangle of photometry: how to correctly image the image based on speed, aperture, and depth of field
  • Which are the best lenses for the different types of photography
  • Motion: how do you shoot when your subject is in motion

Find out more about your participation here.