The sustainable designer brand and Leader of 2WO + 1NE=2, presented its new summer collection in Greece, organizing an impressive fashion show on Wednesday, January 8th at the crowded Kypseli Municipal Marketplace. The event was held with the support of Impact Hub Athens, in collaboration with Kypseli’s Municipal Market and the renowned artists Marianna Ignataki and Anna Papathanasiou, who interpreted the collection through their own eyes, creating unique art installations.

With intense influences from the Chinese Opera, Marianna Ignatakis’ highly imposing headpieces, made of synthetic hair from China, fabric and yarn, combined with Anna Papathanasiou’s live performance, accompanied by her six-member dance team under the sounds of modern experimental Chinese composers, were in perfect harmony with the S/S’20 collection of 2WO + 1NE = 2. Aimed to take the guests on a dream trip to China’s largest city, Shanghai, transporting them as opera spectators to a Chinese Street Theater – an event that also led to the choice of the Kypseli’s Municipal Marketplace.

Minimal lines, intense geometric cuts and shapes, traditional cheongsam elements with references to the Hanfu movement, ornaments of Chinese ideograms, and Mao collars, were some of the key design elements of the collection. The color palette mirroring the shades of the Shanghai night, moved between the intense red, terracotta, white and black of China, while the fabrics based on the ecological philosophy of 2WO + 1NE = 2 were tencel, cotton, silk, linen and silk from banana, an innovative fabric that is the new obsession of the brand.

You can find more information about the brand here.