Despite the widespread use of digital technology, prints continue to be the most valuable tool of the reception staff to serve their customers.

That’s the conclusion of a study by the Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) at Bentley University in the United States. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,560 people, professionals in the hotel industry in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Greece *.

According to the impressive findings, the printed information material is not only not dead but is considered extremely necessary for the service of tourists:

98% of hotel reception staff use print media

-94% of the hotels that participated in the survey provide information to their guests through leaflets

-83% of the respondents fully support the availability of print media, evaluating it as extremely important for their visitors.

In the age of mobile phones and electronic mobile devices, travelers continue to search the hotel reception for forms, guides and tourist maps.

Brochures and maps are the most common form of publication among visitors and reception staff. followed by local tour guides (22%). Regarding the frequency with which hotel guests use newsletters, 40% said they always use them, 46% say they use them often, 13% sometimes only 1% never.

“The results of the research underline the great importance of the good placement of the printed material, able to attract the visitor’s attention and to promote interaction with the reception staff”, emphasizes the director of the CMT Center, Ian Cross.

Professor Ian Cross said he was surprised by the result. “I thought that in 2016 there would be some skepticism about the value of printed information material. But as we delved deeper into the research it was clear that hotel reception staff considered the use of printed material to be easier to use than electronic media. “For example, when a hotel customer asks the receptionist for information on recommended hotels, it is easier for the employee to show him a printed map and write down instructions on it.”