The beginning of the new, 6th in the row, cycle of egg – enter•grοw•go, was announced by Eurobank and Corallia, who designed and are implementing from 2013, the most recognized supportive Program of youth entrepreneurship, in Greece.

The 6th cycle of egg inaugurates a whole bundle of financial choices, which are directed at the new companies in order to realize their business plans, while, at the same time, institutionalizes new criteria and improved quality characteristics, for the incorporation of the business teams into the Program, in the context of the most modern ecosystems worldwide.

In the 6th cycle of egg, as the needs of the Greek market are being monitored, is provided to the young entrepreneurs the possibility to exploit new funding channels, and meanwhile, according to the experience from the previous cycles and the model that is followed worldwide, the quality characteristics of the Program are being further enhanced.

In the 6th cycle of egg, they can be submitted proposals from all the sectors of the economy, which satisfy the required features. Business plans that conform to the current and emerging business trends of the economy at national and international level (e.g. Financial Technologies and Applications/Implementations), that make a broad use of innovations and new technologies, and are distinguished for significant ambit into everyday life (e.g. Technologies and Computer and Communications Applications – Biotechnology – IoT), or/and consist to the extroversion and the development of the Greek economy (e.g. Innovative Tourism Applications).

Within the context of the new cycle of the program egg – enter•grow•go, with a 12-month of total duration, suggestions may be submitted by persons aged between 18 and 49 years, who desire to convert their business, innovative idea into a prosperous business.

The submissions for participation in the program, may be submitted until the 23.04.2018, at 15.00.

Those who are interested, can get further information on the new website of egg – enter•grοw•go.

Watch the interview of Roula Bachtalia, in charge of Egg Enter Grow Go program.