The speakers in the workshop on “Digital Customer Experience” organized on 19/4 by SEV, as well as the findings of the new study of the BEV Digital Transformation Observatory confirm that along with digital technologies, consumer behavior is changing.

The survival of commercial businesses has always depended heavily on their ability to retain satisfied customers. But the new purchasing model overturns the traditional service model, where business-customer contact was restricted almost exclusively to the physical market. Also, the mass promotion / promotion tactic, based on which companies created in consumers the urge to acquire products through retail channels, no longer has the desired results.

Today, the customer is the one who largely determines how and when he will get in touch with a company and a product, looking for a high quality experience that meets his requirements. The change of consumer patterns due to the evolution of technology make the customer experience a key criterion of competitive advantage, and therefore one of the pillars on which an effective digital sales transition is built.

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