The new needs arising from the post-COVID period have created new habits and new regulations, such as the reduction of close contacts and strict rules of movement and hygiene.

The need for protection against the virus has changed the way we work, exercise, consume, socialize. Also changed the way we use our free time, and especially the way we travel. Keeping distances and reducing contacts during transactions is of paramount importance.

Businesses need to think very seriously about the Low touch economy that prevailed after the pandemic and decide what role they need to play in order to adapt properly and ensure the safety of their customers.

The research of the experts of the Board of Innovation confirms that the Low Touch Economy is here to stay. How can you take advantage of and invest in its positive features without being affected by the disadvantages? What types of businesses have benefited from the current situation and how can you adapt to the new data?

These are some of the questions that this research answers, and you can find and download here.