The National Technical University of Athens hosts, for the sixth consecutive year, young and old alumni at the Patissian Historical Complex for the now established Researcher’s Night.

Come and get acquainted with the research and its importance, talk to the researchers of the Athens Polytechnic and Universities, follow their experiments, touch on the scientific equipment they use and understand its function and utility, experiment the same.

Students will be interested in interactive experiments with nanomaterials, laser applications, radioactivity measurements, robot demonstrations, drones, non-destructive techniques, 3D imaging, geodetic measurements, presentation of original architectural studies and more. The public will be greeted by standard vehicles made by NTUA research teams. With us will be Museums and selected Research Groups of Athens Universities for young and old alike.

This year the Night is being held under the auspices of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, giving the public the opportunity to discover the beauty of our cultural heritage, the importance of its preservation, protection, promotion, promotion and preservation, emphasizing its interdisciplinary contribution Metsovian Technical University and the Universities of Athens in achieving the above.

The evening includes educational activities designed for students of all ages, a treasure hunt “In the footsteps of cultural heritage” with surprises and gifts, text competitions, painting and photography competitions, live music, as well as theatrical events to introduce students to innovation.

Since even Karagiozis is involved in cultural heritage and dressing up … peddler, anything can happen…

Your Science (s) invites you to get to know the researchers and enjoy the magic of research by attending the events of the Researcher’s Night!

You can find more information here.