The Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palmos Analysis conducted a survey showed that we will have a full return to normalcy from 2022 onwards.

84% said in the survey that they were affected by the pandemic and 81% that they recorded a decrease in turnover. Returning to a normal level of operation as before the crisis is not considered a realistic scenario for most companies, as for the first half only 10% expect such a development, by the end of 2021 20%, from 2022 56% while a percentage of 2% answer “never”.

According to the research, the retail companies are familiar with the digitization in which we have reached the Internet and in this context, 39% have an e-shop, 72% have a site, 80% have a presence on Facebook and 56% on Instagram. However, it is noteworthy that only 39% of them made sales using the click away method during the 2020 holiday season.