The seminar Menu Development & Cost Control will help you to implement responsible and sustainable practice in the hospitality sector as well as in businesses of the food sector.

The guidelines for the composition of the menu (Menu and the design of the Card), as well as for the planning of supplies, will be presented through an interactive holistic approach.  Another goal of the seminar is to focus on the best practice for the estimation of cost, on methods to control it and reduce it, on the consequences of the waste of resources, on the significance of census and negotiation, as well as on the technical analysis of sales and expenses.

Finally the development of methods and critical tenses which will transform the food industry within the next years will have a determinant role in the holistic approach.


  • Design and Composition of Menu
  • Planning of supplies
  • Processes of conformation, analysis and reduction of total cost
  • Significance of census and control
  • Technical analysis of menu and profitability
  • Knowledge of special subjects and critical future trends

Participants Profile

  • Owners of Hospitality businesses
  • Managers of Hospitality businesses
  • Owners of businesses of the food sector (Restaurants, Bars e.t.c)
  • F&B Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Logistics managers

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