On November 23 and 24, SingularityU Greece brings a Mixed Reality conference to Greece and for the first time in Europe.

Two years ago, SingularityU Greece brought the exponential technology revolution to Greece, through a conference that changed the data. Today, Niki Syropoulou and her team are working tirelessly to meet the new bet they made for the organization. They are preparing a live, interactive world-class conference, with the help of technology, but also of the wider culture that makes Singularity University events around the world unique.

A few months later, and in the wake of the organization’s successful second Summit in Greece, the pandemic found SingularityU Greece between Costa Rica and Romania. Many of the agency’s immediate plans, as expected, would have to wait, as the conferences were among the first events to feel the impact of the pandemic. SingularityU Greece was not directly affected, as it did not have an event in progress, so it was not forced to manage cancellations and postponements. Instead, it saves valuable time for brainstorming.

Through this process, they realized that SingularityU in Greece offers not just an event, but a “window to the world”, a “journey of knowledge into the future”, during which experts and thought leaders show us how to innovate as companies and organizations, but also as ordinary people or parents. This is necessary for the days of rapid change that we live in. Thus, the SingularityU Greece team carefully studied how global organizations such as the Harvard Business School respond to developments and followed similar practices.

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