Now, more than ever, optimizing the product shipping process is imperative. The new conditions require speed, flexibility and cost minimization during the so-called “last-mile”.

EasyShipping came to provide a complete solution for the creation and management of shipments that are routed through all known courier companies operating in Greece. Through a smart and easy-to-use management panel, it gives the customer the opportunity to choose the courier company he wants per order, as well as to watch en masse and at the same time all his active or completed shipments.

The application also offers automatic connection of all known e-commerce platforms directly to the API system of courier companies.

The connection of your e-shop with the courier companies you work with is done automatically, so that you can create and print the Vouchers of your orders in bulk with a simple click.
EasyShipping already cooperates with large development agencies and immediately aims to enrich its application with more services related to e-commerce, mainly aiming at optimizing after-sales management processes (after sales logistics).

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