Spiros Daikos, Stratis Andreadis & Cryssa Calikiopoulou, SaltyBag leaders stamp

When a sail can no longer fulfill its duties at sea, there is a way of giving it a new lease of life. This is the concept of Salty Bag, a Greek start-up based on the Island of Corfu, which upcycles discarded sails into bags and travel gear.

Simple and stylish, all Salty Bag products are handmade and named after places of Greece. Each item comes with a booklet mentioning where the sail used for it came from, how many nautical miles it has sailed, the races it has participated in and any other interesting information.

Honouring the notion of corporate social responsibility, Salty Bag created the “Road to Rio” collection using sails which have been used by Greek sailing teams who excelled at important races. All the profits from “Road to Rio” products will be offered to support the training of five athletes who hope to participate in the “Rio 2016” Olympic Games. They are Sofia Bekatorou and Kostas Trigonis (Narca 17), Pavlos Kagialis and Panagiotis Madis (470), and Yannis Mitakis (Finn).

What’s most important to Salty Bag is the history of each sail which is repurposed in the company’s workshop. A history which will keep on travelling as a Salty Bag.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – Director of Photography: Konstantinos Grigorakakis
  • Make‐up: Alianna Kantere
  • Interviews & Texts: Paris Kormaris
  • Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou
  • Special thanks to Dmitry Berkut (www.dimaberkut.com) for providing sailing footage