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The production and bottling company “GERANI SA” is a development of the homonymous family business that has been operating for three generations since 1928. The first modern-equipped factory, “Gerani”, was established in 1966 in the center of Chania, and in 1984, the facilities were moved to a privately owned area of 8 acres, at the exit of the city to the port of Souda. The factory today consists of state-of-the-art machinery and meets excellent specifications. The company distributes its products throughout Greece while exporting its soft drinks to the US, Canada, and Australia.


The Greek community abroad plays a major role, as it seeks out the products Gerani

The company started in 1928 in Gerani of Kydonia, Crete. The founder was Sofoklis Anagnostakis, who started creating the first soft drinks in the café that was operating in the back yard, where he was also delivering the first soft drinks to the customers.

The company, in 1984, was converted to SA but it has not lost its family identity because still its shareholders are Mr. Manolis Anagnostakis and Mr. Sofoklis Anagnostakis.

Our products are orange juice, lemonade, “byral”, “gazoza”, lime, tonic, soda water and ice tea in peach and lemon flavor. We also have “gazoza” light for people who do not want sugar.

They can be found in supermarkets, mini market and other food and beverage establishments.

Our company has achieved to export products in 4 countries, such as the U.S.A., Germany, Denmark and Australia.

Soft drinks, in general, have high chance of being shipped around the world, as they are a very cheap product to transport.

We, as local producers, must be flexible, must be adapted to the needs of the consumer and of course, we must have an excellent quality, like our products that are made of fresh fruit juices and secondly, we have a unique taste, such as “byral” and our “gazoza”.

The Greek community abroad has a major role as it seeks out the Gerani products to taste them, as well, in their place of residence. Also, tourists who come to Crete for holidays try our soft drinks and then ask for them at their place of residence.

My name is Spyros Kioufis and I am the Marketing and Communication Officer at Gerani Soft Drinks.


  • Direction/Post Production: Panos Tsirozidis
  • Camera: Dimitris Zografakis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou

The interview took place in the context of the thematic presentations and actions implemented by LoveGreece.com, aiming to promote the image of Greece abroad, through the faces of charismatic Greeks who signify the outward-looking Greece.

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