Startup Europe Week Crete 2019 was completed on Saturday, March 16 in Chania, with the participation surpassing all expectations by touching the 500 participants.

The response was enormous since the conference attracted a total of 1,200 people to the 4 prefectures of Crete, which is one of the most successful among the 300 events taking place in the cities of Europe as part of Startup Europe Week.

The conference was launched with the presentation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Club by the co-founder Thanos Paraschos, and co-organizer of Startup Europe Week, who presented the framework of the Organization’s actions and its next moves. At the same time, he invited those who have an idea or business and need guidance or support to contact the Organization. Finally, YEC Hub Chania announced that at the Technical Chamber of Western Crete, teams that have a creative, research or business project can be hosted after evaluation.

This year’s conference theme was “Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Crete – Europe – World”. Within the framework of the action, 15 startups based in Crete were presented and 3 research projects from the Technical University of Crete. These data show that talented groups and startup ecosystems in general can grow everywhere and not only in large urban centers with organized structures such as the Youth Entrepreneurship Club. During the conference, the audience took part with enthusiasm in thematic awareness workshops and mentoring sessions, matchmaking events organized by the Founderhood, where more than 20 experts directed teams and exchanged know-how.

Watch what happened at Startup Europe Week 2019 in the video here ⇒