The Startup Greece Summer Meetup was held with great success on 31/7 in Crete and online. The action was co-organized by the Region of Crete with supporters INEDIVIM, Eurodesk and Europe Direct Crete. All the participants of the Startup Greece Week 2020 “Greek Week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, took place 100% online in May. The action aimed at networking, connecting with local companies/organizations/startups that support the ecosystem, education, the Startup Greece Week report and planning for the next steps.

The multi-year socio-economic crisis we experienced and the health crisis we are facing now due to COVID-19, show us that the priority for growth must be the digital/technology business. It is no coincidence that technology companies like ZOOM are now worth more than General Motors. Next to the monothematic business of the tourism industry, it is necessary and at the same time possible to set up technology companies as our country has a very high level of human capital and ideal conditions for high quality life.

The main problems of the regions throughout Greece were identified at the meeting:

→ Lack of start-up support structures

→ Slim or Zero existence of business or technical skills development programs and the same slim connection with foreign markets or startups from Universities, Chambers, etc.

→ Lack of flexible financing (equity or grants) targeted for startups

→ Lack of Business Awards/Healthy Standards. Of course, proposals for solving the above problems were also discussed:

Creation of local structures for the support of young entrepreneurs with the participation of individuals, with the necessary specialized office of Accounting & Legal Support for startups.

Financing Business Missions and Participations in Startup exhibitions, as is done with hotel companies.

Creation of special training programs for graduates for the development of skills necessary in the labor market by companies in the labor market.

→ Creating regional seed funding, as defined by Smart Specialization.

→ Connection with the Greek dispersion around the world for business development reasons and to attract investments, etc.

The organizer was the Youth Entrepreneurship Club, which started in 2015 to develop the startup ecosystem of Crete, while today it implements actions with a global scope. Specifically, the actions it develops are aimed at enhancing the skills of young people, networking with experienced entrepreneurs who can guide them in their first steps in business, but also supporting their business ideas through the extensive network of mentors and means of access to investment funds.

Until today, the organization has carried out 120+ information and educational activities with the participation of 15,000+ young people under 35, in 10 cities in Greece, with the network of volunteers exceeding 200. Supported startups have raised funding of 10+ million euros, creating 100+ jobs.

The organization calls on all stakeholders to take action, and show practical support, to develop the fledgling business ecosystem.

You can find more information here.