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Stavros Messinis founded The Cube Athens in August 2013.

The Cube is a co-working space, hosting teams that want to work on their projects. It brings together people who are open to new ideas, love innovation and seek change through applicable initiatives.

Throughout the seven floors of its building, the Cube provides the teams with offices, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, furniture, internet and all the services they need to launch a new initiative.

Video Transcript

The Cube is a place that hosts technological teams to work on their projects. We created the Cube 4 years ago. In 2013, in August 2013. Imagine a business commune. Imagine young people coming here, having new ideas, having skills and wanting to work together. We are providing them with the space, the offices, the furniture, the coffee, the Internet, all the services they need to launch a new initiative.

I named The Cube when I saw this building for the first time. I was walking through that arcade behind me and as I walked through to the end, I saw a large cube in front of me.

The Cube differentiates itself mainly because it has a large community around it, many events, it is a much larger space and generally works much faster than others. It tries new things every day, it makes a lot of mistakes, but it achieves even more from its failures. What differentiates it is that it is not afraid of risk and it is not afraid of the experiment.

In the beginning, we encountered some difficulties, but nothing that stopped us to continue what we wanted to do. We started the Cube mainly with our own money. But we also raised some money, a small investment from an angel investor, who supported us. Since then, what we have been trying to do -and we probably do it successfully- is to build customer relationships.

It is said that crisis creates opportunities. That’s true. It makes us search.

We keep people here, by giving them projects of great interest. What the Cube tries to do is to bring foreign companies here to recruit here, to keep the talent here, within the space, within the country.

The country needs definitely to invest in innovation, to invest in producing innovative people, but it should also be quite stricter in requiring results.

Only one plan exists: the plan of common sense. What makes sense to do? Let’s do it. Did it make any sense? It did. Let’s do it again.

We gather here the best ones, to keep them here as much as possible. If you want to know why to come here, you will come because here there are the best ones and you will be able to play “soccer” with the best players. When you play with the best ones, you become better. Because we have people here who have succeeded, people who are near to succeed and people who are still on the road to success. But they are all on the same road and everyone paddles a little to -somehow- succeed altogether. It may or may not be something explicit and written in contract, but we all have a common mission: to succeed.


  • Direction/Post Production: Christos Droutsas
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  • Sound: Lina Petrianou
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  • Project Director: Vassilios Bartzokas
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