Bringing young people close to science for another cycle.

STEMpowering Youth is an out-of-school STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) training program run by SciCo with the support of the Vodafone Foundation and Greek-German Education from 2017. The aim of the program is to bring students to remote areas of Greece in contact with science, problem solving and innovation. In each cycle of the program, 13-16 year old students are trained in Physics, Astronomy and Planning using new technologies and interactive tools, and participate in experimental activities as well as in the design and construction of research projects.

At the end of each cycle, each group undertakes to create their own project, a process that involves researching, designing and assembling a construction that helps solve a daily problem of the local community. This gives students the opportunity to learn the steps of scientifically solving a problem: how to recognize the problem, how to find and apply a solution using imagination and scientific knowledge. The students who participated in the 3rd cycle created 51 unique constructions! As incubator-engineers, they combined their creative thinking with the new programming skills they acquired and used the Arduino microcontroller as the basis for controlling their construction sensors!

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