OMONOIA, The Athens Biennale’s program for 2015 ― 2017 OMONOIA already began on Friday the 15th, at the National Theatre – New Rex, and it invites us at Synapse 2: Rethinking Institutional Critique – A View from the South. It will continue until the 24th of April, at the Bageion Hotel.

Synapse 2, the second peak of the 2-year programme of AB5to6, consists of the international summit and the second strand of the cohabitation experiment in Bageion.

More than 35 international scholars, artists, activists and cultural organisations are invited to rethink institutional models and ways of working together, by reimagining the analytical framework of institutional critique and embracing the perspective of the European South. The residents of Bageion, art collectives and independent art spaces, inhabit the rooms of the disused hotel.

Their creative labour is focused on this new approach on institutionalism and comes to life during a condensed, 10-day long programme of artistic and curatorial activity.

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