The Hellenic Initiative announces a new sponsorship of $ 10,000 to Ithaca Laundry. This sponsorship enables The Hellenic Initiative to indirectly support the living conditions of homeless people in Athens. Until today Ithaca has benefited more than 1,000 people in a state of road.

Ithaca was created by four young Athenians who decided to create a mobile washing machine to ensure the homeless people of Athens clean clothes. Having carried out more than 3,000 launderings so far, Ithaca Laundry has managed to offer homeless 18 tons of clean clothes.

Ithaca’s vision is to increase the dignity and self-esteem of people who are at home, and above all to create new opportunities for these people.

The sponsorship of the Hellenic Initiative will allow Ithaca to welcome another member to its team, whose tasks will include finding resources. Through its collaboration with the Hellenic Initiative, Ithaca will have the opportunity to provide its services in more places, to serve more people and to develop its work. Also, with the help of the Greek Initiative, Ithaca aims to find new strategic partnerships and funding that will expand its activities.

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