Not one, not two, but three new Great Taste Awards were awarded to the exclusive line of Simply Greek for Wise Greece, reaching the total of 10 Taste Awards!

Simply Greek created a series of Sauces, Pate and Mixtures of Salts, inspired by the traditional flavors of Greece, exclusively for the non-profit Wise Greece Movement. The profit from the sale of the products is transformed into portions of food for our fellow humans who are on the brink of poverty.

Three products of the series were honored this year with the Great Taste Award, held in the UK, which are also called “Oscar of Taste” to over-emphasize their importance. Five hundred demanding judges and taste experts try out more than 10,000 products in a “blind” process to reward those that stand out for their flavor and originality.

This year, they chose the Tomato-Anthotiro-Thyme Sauce, Oriental Salt and Spicy Salt for the award.

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