Tzanetos Antypas, Praksis leaders stamp

Tzanetos Antypas is a man of action, not a man who stays in theory. That’s why as President of the Non Profitable Organization Praksis provides humanitarian and medical support, without making any discrimination, to a large part of people who suffer of social or economical exclusion, such as poor and homeless Greeks or immigrants, drug addicts, children that work illegally, victims of trafficking and all those who ask for help. Tzanetos Antypas believes that in order to change things, we should first change ourselves. And he’s trying to convey this belief to the approximately 500 volunteers and 160 employees of Praksis throughout Greece. Although Praksis is not financed by the Government, has managed to cooperate with other foreign organizations, such as the ‘’Save Children’’ in Italy and ‘’AGIS TA TERRE’’ in France, for the prevention of children trafficking.


  • Direction & Post Production: Vassilis Tsapopoulos
  • Director of Photography-Camera: Andreas Stanotas
  • Interview: Yorgos Mitropoulos
  • Project Manager: Fotini Dafoti