Vartholomaios Lyrarakis, “Lyrarakis” family winery leaders stamp

Lyrarakis Wines is a family winery based on the island of Crete, Greece.


We are a family business and we exclusively produce wines. Our company was established in 1966 by my father and my uncle and nowadays their children carry on their business, for more than a decade it has passed to the second generation.

The company is well-known, at least in the industry, and to a specific target audience or to a specific division of consumers as a company that produces wines that are exclusively consisted of native varieties.

The quality of wine, there are some objective ways, let’s say, that are somewhat more accountable but I would probably say purely technical.

On the other hand, there is the consumer who all have their own preferences which constantly change.

I believe that a quality wine is the one that helps these two worlds to join together.

As far as I’m concerned, wine is a very important product regarding the image of Greece abroad, since it promotes an authentic representation of Greece, it promotes Greece as a proud country, Greece produces exceptional wines and is able to stand worthily next to major worldwide players.

We recently complete a total reconstruction of the company’s image, our product line and the overall strategy with which we move forward and has helped us considerably in exporting.

Exports is something in which we continue to focus on and I hope that we will continue to develop. We continue the programs in the winery’s cellar for our visitors whom we welcome throughout the whole year for wine and product tasting and of course we never stop the training of our people.

I am Vartholomaios Lyrarakis, the general director of the “Lyrarakis” family winery.


  • Direction/Post Production: Panos Tsirozidis
  • Camera: Dimitris Zografakis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou

The interview took place in the context of the thematic presentations and actions implemented by, aiming to promote the image of Greece abroad, through the faces of charismatic Greeks who signify the outward-looking Greece.

We warmly thank the Life Gallery athens hotel for its kind hospitality and for its contribution to the video shootings.