Varvara Neofotistou leaders stamp

His passion for Greek coffee led George Neofotistos to start the coffee company NEKTAR in 1951. Now his daughter Varvara Neofotistou is continuing the family business, which has expanded in the production of other coffee types, such as espresso. In 2008, a new and advanced plant was built in Mikines, in order to satisfy the increased demand for coffee products NEKTAR, not only in Greece but also in other countries, where the type of coffee (Greek) as well as the name NEKTAR guarantee the pleasure of consumption. Varvara Neofotistou has the dream to place the NEKTAR coffee products in every Greek house. And she is close to fulfill it.


  • Direction & Post Production: Vassilis Tsapopoulos
  • Director of Photography-Camera: Andreas Stanotas
  • Interview: Yorgos Mitropoulos
  • Project Manager: Fotini Dafoti