The Great Taste Awards took place in London this year too, where 500 flavor experts have tested more than 12,772 products to reach the top 2019 products.

Among the winners was a Greek BBQ mix that excited the judges! The award-winning BBQ Salt contains Messolongi salt, which is marinated in a secret blend of spices, smoked paprika and favorite Greek herbs such as oregano and thyme. It is a product that can be used on meat or vegetables, both on the plate and in the marinade.

The reviews of BBQ Salt reviewers were: “We loved the intense, rich and smoky aroma of herbs and spices! We liked the natural texture and quality of the ingredients and we think the product is perfect for marinating BBQ grills. This is a balanced product with an excellent aftertaste! ”

BBQ Salt belongs to the range of products created by the award-winning company Simply Greek for the social purpose of the non-profit Wise Greece Movement, as the profit from the sale of the product range is transformed into food for people in need. In total, the range consists of 14 products, which have been honored with 11 top flavor awards.