A new set of Cretan crispbreads was created exclusively for the purpose of Wise Greece.

Cretan crispbreads are unlike any other, with a passion for tradition and emphasis on quality, these authentic traditional nuts become our favorite habit.

The family of Wise Greece exclusive products is growing with 13 new codes and a wide variety of flavors. All codes stand out for their unique flavor, such as the very aromatic ouzo bits, the fluffy mullets, the sweet and very healthy carob duck, the crunchy crispbreads or the sweet ones.

What makes them so fluffy is their separate production process: the dough is made by hand, then put into specially made wood ovens and finally dried naturally for 20 hours.

The most important part is that with each purchase, you are helping to reach even more food to fellow human beings on the edge of poverty. Learn more and support the Wise Greece Movement!