The ESO conference gathered the most important representatives of the Greek creative scene, as it has established itself as the leading institution for the promotion of arts and design in Greece.

In a packed amphitheater, the Athens Biennale’s artist and founder, Poka-Yio, presented the event contributing to the outstanding success of the event.

The conference was a meeting place and networking for guests from the field of architecture, design and the wider community of arts.

ESO was co-organized by and Design + magazines, and the participation exceeded every expectation.

Topics such as architecture and the city, the design of public buildings, office buildings, graphic design, branding, and real estate management are some of the issues included in the conference speeches.

The purpose of the conference was both the emergence of critical issues related to architecture, but also the broader connection of the design of the architectural practice. The main themes of the conference led to a series of concerns, such as the emergence of the need to take initiatives to implement creative projects, and the necessity for the arts and science partnerships to implement works of excellence.

From a set of suggestions through different approaches, the philosophy, and methodology that characterizes architecture and design have been clarified and formulated more fully, serving as a multi-faceted model that has to respond to new technologies and adapt to the social, cultural and natural site standards.

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