Yiannis Deliyiannis, George Karamanoglou, Michail Pitsikalis & Iro Kiotsekoglou, tradeNOW leaders stamp

The first Greek barter trade platform for products, services and real estate, www.tradenow.gr was launched in January 2013, calling individuals and companies to use a contemporary version of the ancient practice of trading goods or services without the exchange of money. To determine the value of stuff, the system uses Trade Points, where each point equals one euro.

Users can post their offerings and their wishes, and the platform automatically matches those posts and proposes barter trade opportunities. Once an offer is accepted, the trade can be completed either in one of the tradeNOW meeting points or by courier. Following the completion of the trade, users can rate the product or service received, thus contributing to the platform’s credibility.

While the number of users in Greece is steadily raising, tradeNOW is looking to expand in other European countries. It also supports social and environmental causes, offering free services to volunteer organizations, foundations and clubs with social and environmental agendas.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – Director of Photography: Fotis Zigouris
  • Production Sound Mixer: Sokratis Tzovanis
  • Make‐up: Eleana Kalliamvakou
  • Interviews & Texts: Paris Kormaris
  • Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou
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