Yiannis Taloumis, Taf leaders stamp

It was the family business that turned his attention to coffee, yet Yiannis Taloumis did not settle with just trading it. As the founder, shareholder and Managing Director of Taf, for the past decade he has focused on high quality, the so-called specialty coffee, with great care for all the stages of production. Taf specialty coffee is not just specified but the country of origin and doesn’t give generic taste promises. Each bag of Taf gourmet specialty coffee can be traced back to the specific coffee field where it comes from and the year of production, such as an exquisite bottle of wine or a product with protected designation of origin.

The process begins right at the farms with extensive research for high quality green specialty coffee, which has to commensurate to certain taste profiles. Taloumis travels extensively each year in search of the best lots and has built a network of collaborations which grants him direct access to producers. Once the orders placed arrive in Greece and are checked at Taf’s headquarters in Attika, comes the time for roasting, which is anything but simple. Each gourmet specialty coffee requires a certain roast profile determined after many tests, so as to enhance the qualities of the coffee beans to full effect.

Last but not least comes the barista who has to prepare each cup of specialty coffee. At Taf’s coffee shop, situated in the centre of Athens, customers can see the best coffee professionals in action and of course taste the results. It is no coincidence that members of the Taf team have excelled in international competitions, like Stefanos Domatiotis, the company’s head barista who was crowned World Brewers Cup Champion 2014, or Chris Loukakis, who came 3rd in the World Barista Championship 2014.

Apart from being a specialty coffee retailer, Taf has devised educational programs to offer its wholesale partners, so that their employees can guarantee consistent quality whenever and wherever they prepare a cup of specialty coffee.

Taloumis himself has enjoyed recognition in the specialty coffee industry. An MBA degree holder from Kingston University in the United Kingdom, he has been accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute as a Licensed Q Grader, and has collaborated with CQI to create the first Q Lab in Europe. After various distinctions throughout the years, in June 2014 he was honoured in the Lifetime Achievement category of the annual Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Awards, during SCAE’s World of Coffee event held in Rimini, Italy.

With the aim of expanding without the slightest compromise in high standards, Taf can export internationally not just an array of gourmet specialty coffee products , but also the precious knowhow acquired through years of persistence and hard work. Taf specialty coffee is already available at selected espresso bars in Germany, England, France and Hungary, with plans to expand in Europe, America and Australia.


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