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100 mentors is a digital platform created by a group of young people, who decided to change the way we choose our professional activity. Through this platform, students, and professionals communicate with mentors from around the world, in order to discover the path that will meet their unique inclinations and interests.

Video Transcript

What 100 Mentors actually does is that while under normal circumstances we will meet one or two people, role models, that will decisively shape our idea on our future job, we make this number much bigger, 50 or 100 people in one academic year.

How can we achieve that? Basically through this platform that we have built students, either on a school class level or on an individual level are able to choose from a tank of mentors, 2000 of them at the moment, globally, those who match their interests,  and meet their needs, either in the Universities that they are targeting or in the organisations they are aiming at.

What mostly pleases us at 100 mentors is that students, after they have used the software, they share stories with us through which we witness major changes from before, when they had a certain idea in their mind, about what they want to do, and the after, when their horizons have been opened, something that even them would not have expected.

In numbers, this is pictured in our minds as one million students that we would want them to be using 100 mentors in 5 years from now, which is translated into countless stories of people, who will say how their life’s decision changed because they saw 30 or 40 people more than they would normally see had they relied solely on the examples that their school, family or society provide.

In 100 mentors we strongly believe that finding the job that suits you, and finding it sooner than later, makes you a healthy, happy citizen, and if someone is aware of what they are genuinly interested in, there is nothing more important than that, since in this way they can discover their unique talents and be useful to their community and the people around them.

In 100 mentors we mostly address abroad. About 80% of the schools that we work with are scattered in many countries. It is not necessary to name them one by one, but I can give you an idea of the wide range, we work with schools in Philippines and Laos, the USA, Austria, Namibia and Tunisia.

At this point older people use our platform, it is not strictly for students.

We are very interested in the part that addresses older ages, where someone might wish to change occupation.

It is amazing to see people after years, who tell you that after a particular session, with an artist for example, they followed a path in their life, that otherwise they wouldn’t have.

This is the meaning. To talk with people that either are in the other side of the world, or in the village next to yours, people you can exchange opinions with, that could alter your life’s experience.

I am Yiorgos Nikoletakis, CEO and Co-Founder of 100mentors.


  • Direction/Post Production: Michalis Felanis
  • Camera: Michalis Felanis, Kostas Felanis
  • Sound: Kostas Felanis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: Elena Priovolou
  • Texts & subtitles: Elena Priovolou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou
  • Project Director: Vassilios Bartzokas