Yorgos Nanouris leaders stamp

The qualifications of Yorgos Nanouris include a degree from the Faculty of Theatre Studies at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, as well as his studies at the Athens Odeon Drama School and at the New York Film Academy, where he specialised in Digital Film Making and Film Acting. His talent and sensitivity have been showcased in an array of works for theatre, cinema and television. One of the most personal has undoubtedly been «Together», an interactive performance he created all by himself at almost zero budget, asking the audience to cover the absence of a proper production crew.

The idea for «Together» was born in the middle of the Greek crisis. Yorgos Nanouris felt disappointed that people could not realise that if they joined forces they might have enough collective power to change things for the better. The performance was initially presented at M art Space, a multifunctional gallery created by Andreas Manolioudakis, and then at the BOB Τheatre Festival. The creator’s decision to set a general framework refusing to have any ‘safety net’ was justified, proving that even people who haven’t met each other before can achieve a lot, as long as they work together.

Yorgos Nanouris believes that «Together» can be staged in any other country or language, as its theme transcends the Greek reality and has a universal appeal. He also says he would be interested in working abroad, but could not live away from Greece forever: «There is something magical in this country. It’s hard to let go of such a sky and light. And I believe that now, when things are so difficult, Greece needs us more than ever. We have to stand up to the challenge».

His ability to improvise using very simple tools and to bring onstage literary works that were not meant for the theatre has been tested in productions such as «What Men Live By», a play based on a short story written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, in which Nanouris collaborated with Olia Lazaridou and Elias Kounelas. Another sold out success is «Katerina», the stage version of «Katerina’s Book» by Greek author Auguste Corteau, adapted and directed by Nanouris. Essentially a monologue performed by actress Lena Papaligoura, «Katerina» has Nanouris acting among others as director of photography with just the use of a simple flashlight, while musician Lolek plays the live soundtrack.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – Director of Photography: Fotis Zigouris
  • Production Sound Mixer: Sokratis Tzovanis
  • Grooming: Roula Lymperopoulou
  • Interview & Texts: Paris Kormaris
  • Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou